Clovers to Cure Cancer

                Bringing Hope...and a Little Luck...To the Fight Against Cancer




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7th Annual John J. Murphy Memorial Golf Classic at The Ridge at Back Brook. 

August 1, 2016

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Over the last five years, the JJM Foundation has donated funds in excess of $ 90,000 in support of its mission!

Hunterdon Regional Cancer Center is our major recipient.

Our Symbol


Dating back to the Druids, the clover has come to symbolize hope, vitality, and life.  St. Patrick used the clover, a shamrock, to give hope to thousands of people in Ireland, literally handing them out to families in the towns he visited.  A four-leaf clover adds luck to the mix. 


It is this combination...Hope, Life, and a little Luck...that we strive to bring those affected by Cancer. 

Mission Statement


The John J. Murphy Foundation is dedicated to supporting and funding advancements in research and treatment for all types of caner in children and adults.  It will also increase the awareness of different type of cancers, provide education of preventative measures, as well provide funds for improving treatment facilities by partnering with other charitable foundations. 

The JJM Foundation 

Every year, millions of people are affected by cancer, whether directly by the disease itself, or by having family and friends affected by it.  We use cancer as a singular term, but the reality is that there are many types of cancers that impact all of our body's systems.  Even a specific type of cancer might behave differently in one person from another.  So, while we have come a long way in our treatments for cancer, the shear complexity of the disease has made finding a cure extremely difficult.

The John J. Murphy Foundation funds improvements in treatment facilities that are increasingly under-equipped for the ever growing number of people affected by the disease.  Donations also go toward family support programs since it is often just as difficult for family members to cope with the disease as it is for the patient.

With your help and support, there will come a day when we can finally say that cancer is no longer a life threatening disease.